Thursday, September 4, 2008

Small Rosette

I'd forgot about this little bugger. This is neither red nor purple. It's made from a skein of DNC pearl cotton. Pattern from Workbasket Magazine. If anyone would be interested in having the pattern I could probably scan it and share, if that isn't imposing on any trademarks and such. I've never shared anything before because I've never had anything to share! lol! Everyone else is so generous with their things I'd like to return the favor to anyone interested and if I'm not breaking any rules. So can someone tell me how this works with the Workbasket Magazine? Am I allowed to share the pattern privately?


Ladytats said...

Hi Sy,
very nice, You are doing very well with your tatting
yes, I would like the pattern, All I need is the # of ds in a ring and the # of ds in a chain
you can leave it here as a comment and I will come pick it up, or you can email me change the # to @

TattingChic said...

Nice job on your motif. I don't know what happened, I could've sworn that I left a comment here a while back. That darn blogger!

StitchCat said...

Oh Sy...this is a whole new area for me...but I am glad I have found your blog. Love the tatting that you have doen so far :)