Thursday, September 4, 2008


Hello Bloggers. I scorched my hand about a week ago, not bad, just enough to smart. I was picking up a whistling tea kettle with my right hand and when I went to turn the burner off the blasted thing shot boiling water on my left hand. Made tatting a little uncomfortable so I've mainly been looking at patterns the past week and catching up on reading. I'm one of those people who HAVE to read, just have to. Now, it seems like there's a transference of a lot of the time that I was using to read, to tatting! I just HAVE to tat! lol! I'm not complaining believe me, it feels like I was missing something I wasn't even aware I was missing until I started tatting. I have some pics to share of the things I was working on before the scorching incident and last night I started tatting again. I'm just thankful it didn't blister, I evidently got the cold water on it soon enough to halt the process. The little dance that went with it, well it just wasn't pretty!

God Bless and Godspeed!

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