Thursday, September 4, 2008

Small Rosette

I'd forgot about this little bugger. This is neither red nor purple. It's made from a skein of DNC pearl cotton. Pattern from Workbasket Magazine. If anyone would be interested in having the pattern I could probably scan it and share, if that isn't imposing on any trademarks and such. I've never shared anything before because I've never had anything to share! lol! Everyone else is so generous with their things I'd like to return the favor to anyone interested and if I'm not breaking any rules. So can someone tell me how this works with the Workbasket Magazine? Am I allowed to share the pattern privately?

Edging- red and white using Flora size 10. I used this metal shuttle on this one and kinda liked the way it felt in my hands. But, getting the bobbin to let go of the thread was an absolute bear. Then you pull too much out struggling with it and here comes one of my famous messes! I am so awkward still, feel like an adolescent all over again. Well, maybe not quite that bad. Pattern came from another old Workbasket Magazine. I want to continue making this to put around a collar. Any advice on how to sew it down?

When I took this picture I hadn't realized that I missed a spot towards the end. I see ALL kinds of weird mistakes!! lol! Aw well, practice makes perfect.


Hello Bloggers. I scorched my hand about a week ago, not bad, just enough to smart. I was picking up a whistling tea kettle with my right hand and when I went to turn the burner off the blasted thing shot boiling water on my left hand. Made tatting a little uncomfortable so I've mainly been looking at patterns the past week and catching up on reading. I'm one of those people who HAVE to read, just have to. Now, it seems like there's a transference of a lot of the time that I was using to read, to tatting! I just HAVE to tat! lol! I'm not complaining believe me, it feels like I was missing something I wasn't even aware I was missing until I started tatting. I have some pics to share of the things I was working on before the scorching incident and last night I started tatting again. I'm just thankful it didn't blister, I evidently got the cold water on it soon enough to halt the process. The little dance that went with it, well it just wasn't pretty!

God Bless and Godspeed!