Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hemp Jewelry

I'm learning how to make jewelry. Nothing grand mind you. I've starting out by learning to make a hemp choker using a square knot. The book I'm using is called "Making Beautiful Hemp and Bead Jewelry" by Mickey Baskett and this is the 1st project in the book. The hemp is a variegated tan color and I think it makes it look dirty so it'll probably be delegated to being a core thread for future projects. (This really makes the fingers sore! . . . and very time consuming also, well starting out for me anyway.)


The top left one is supposed to be mauve, blue, and white, then sky blue and below green, yellow and white silk HDT. These are after the wash and rinse.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who would you be in 1400 AD?

LOL!! I just took the personality test I saw on Tatting Chic's page and I am a scoundrel!! I started off saying I liked to wear worn comfortable clothes and somehow ended up in the lap of luxury!! Don't I wish! LOL! Thank you Tatting Chic, this made my day!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flowers in my yard


I have come to the conclusion that a person could spend 24 hours of the day on the computer. Even though it's summer out and my flowers are blooming gorgeously, almost weed free and still I find myself grabbing a moment here a moment there and it's like there's a magnet, an ass magnet in my computer chair that draws me right back in. One place that draws me like a bee to honey is Ebay. I go there to LOOK and find myself buying things I don't need, have not needed before and probably won't ever need. I have spent one too many rainy days on this computer, in Ebay and I was appalled when I came to myself and saw the amount of items I had bid on. It was like a trance, this zone I went into and couldn't hardly pull myself back out. I haven't spent any amount of money for awhile except on necessities, you know the ones, books, chocolate, chocolate brownie ice-cream. Those are staples. So I find myself having spent beau coup bucks on stuff I don't need. Maybe it was the depredation of so many months of not spending, I freakin' exploded! I am even now wondering what I might be missing. I'm on a jewelry kick now so I've been looking for reasonably priced items to make jewelry. Of course I had to buy a few to get ideas percolating and I found myself over at Amazon, looking at books to make jewelry with hemp, threads, and wire. I'm an aging hippie and I tell you what, I have ordered enough stuff to make, geez, I don't know, a hundred necklaces and bracelets maybe? I also have my hand dyed silk thread to use, mustn't forget that and of course beading thread.

When you sit down to the computer you have to have a cuppa something, coffee, iced tea, oh, btw, those are also staples. After all that liquid I'm having a race to see how long I can hold it, because I can't tear myself away from the computer and thus several trips have been at a run! Like a little kid I am!! I'm 55 years old, if I haven't grown up by now I seriously doubt it's gonna happen! LOL!

I do have some new thread to show you and a tiny little tatted thing of two butterflies joined by a chain, using my very first hdt. So, I'm off to the bank to see if I can scrounge up enough money to cover my bids. I'm already suffering withdrawal symptoms from Ebay! I might end up posting some of my jewelry (listen to me, like I've already made it, let alone know HOW to make it) here on my blog to get input from you, yeahs and nays would be welcomed.