Sunday, August 17, 2008


I have been talking to so many wonderful people about tatting. Thank you all for sharing from the wealth of your knowledge about tatting and all the encouragement that you have given me.

I started tatting this last night from an old, old Workbasket magazine I found, where else? . . . at EBay. I haven't bought but one thing before this but criminey, I do believe it could become an addiction. So many things, so little precious room, and even less money, sigh. Back to tatting, this is a picture of what I'm making, it's a flower appliqué, and I noticed at about the third round that I was doing it wrong but I thought it looked pretty cool anyway, so that's what that is above. I couldn't capture the color, it's Cebelia 210-size 10 thread. I can't believe the contrast with different background and lighting. This is using my cell phone camera so I can't take any far away pics!

Today I received a copy of "Every Woman's Complete Guide to Tatting" edited by Barbara Foster. I read the entire beginning and looked at all of the patterns and pics, I think I'm going to really like this book. I am drawn to square motifs and I saw several that I'd like to try.

I'm off to finish my appliqué!


TattingChic said...

I love the color you are tatting in. I'm curious to know which Workbasket edition are you tatting from? (mo/yr) I have several that I inherited from my Grandmother, that's why I ask.

SY said...

This one is very old and yellowed but it's the June issue of 1957 Volume 22 Number 9.
I want to tat the leaves to this in a soft sage-like green. My oldest son and his wife collect a local artist's pottery and these are his present favorite colors for decorating their bedroom so I thought he might like to lay it on a piece of the pottery they have collected to display it. But then again, he may look at it when I give it to him and ask, what am I supposed to do with this??? To which I will offer my very knowledgeable advice, er . . . suggestion on how to use/display it! LOL! They have several cats so I'm hoping it doesn't become a fav cat toy, whether he has any say-so in the matter or not!