Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

to all those who celebrate it today. I am blessed to have a mother who grows more precious to me every day. I also have three son's who are the light of my life. My oldest son brought me a beautiful arrangement of flowers for outside, my middle son text me "Happy Mother's Day," to which I text back "thank you sweetie." His reply to me was, "No, thank you!" My youngest son just went and bought filet mignon and is preparing our supper tonight for us both. Life is good!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Beginner's Tatting Classes

I finally, FINALLY remembered the tatting class that started again last night. I met a group of nice ladies and I'm looking forward to moving on and learning new things. Might use some of my new thread to see if I'm going to like it.
It seems to be raining here every other day so I'm trying to take advantage of the dry days to work outside. I love this cooler weather, it's so much more pleasant to work in, after it gets hot out I'm only outside when I absolutely have to be! Which is still plenty with two huskies to keep up with. Also have to go water the plants of an evening so I guess I'm out there more than I realize. I have this awful problem with the heat, I melt away and my energy level goes straight down the tubes, I'm so miserable I can hardly stand it. Give me spring, fall, and winter, but the heat lovers out there can sure have summer!! I'm just the opposite of most folks, there's no way I want to winter in Florida but I'd sure like to summer in Alaska!! LOL!